Scripture Reflection – Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (4-5th of November)

We must be careful that out words match our deeds.  We profess each week our Creed – those statements that form the core of what we believe.  Further, the statements in the creed underpin our Christian values from which we live.


We might not be conscious of how our Christian values modify our thoughts. judgments and consequently our actions.  Cardinal Cardijn who founded the Young Christian Workers and Young Christian Student movements, coined the maxim, “See, Judge, Act.”  Very simple – very clear.  Those three elements of life are based on the Double Commandment from last week’s Gospel: to love God with the intensity of our lives and our neighbour as ourselves.


People are very observant and at times pejorative.  We would hope that the comments made about us were both positive and affirming.  The way we live is a demonstration of what we believe in action.  Let us hope that how we live  our Christian lives will influence the lives of those we meet for the better.

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