Scripture Reflection – Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (18-19th of November)

This weekend we have the Gospel of the man who was going abroad and while away entrusted his servants with talents each according to their ability.  To one he gave five, to another two and to the third one.  He expected them to use those talents wisely so that when he returned they would have made a profit.


Over the past weeks I have been weaving the theme of God’s investment in us of talents, attributes, characteristics and abilities.  They are investments to be used wisely in our human development so that we reach that potential God has created us to attain.  They are also investments given to us to contribute to building a better more or socially just society which bears the imprint of the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom which is progressively overcoming evil by the good deeds we perform through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


The recurring question is: do I know, understand, appreciate or value the talents, attributes, characteristics and abilities God has endowed me with as an agent working for the Kingdom?  Each of our lives are important.  We relate with people each day – we have some effect on them through our meeting.  We leave people with impressions through our encounters.  We have used some of the talents that have been entrusted to us in those encounters.  Hopefully they will be for the better of our society and an expression of the Kingdom being advanced through our Christian witness and sensitivity.

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