Letter to Parishioners (23-Oct-2021)

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On behalf of the families and people of St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Parish, Jordanville, we heartily welcome you to our community. We are a small community that strives to be welcoming and hospitable to everyone who joins us for our Eucharistic celebrations, devotions or for our social events.

Everyone is welcome to our cultural and generational diverse family. We invite you to join in and contribute to building our parish family. When we share our talents and cultural heritage with one another we enrich our vision as an embracing, warm and hospitable community.

So please, come and find a place within St Mary Magdalen’s where you can feel “at home,” comfortable and content to share the richness of your life with the community.





  • We came to St Mary Magdalen’s for Mass during our stay in Melbourne and I just wanted to tell you how welcoming and friendly the parishioners were in making us feel at home.

  • You and your people are so lucky to have such a prayerful Church.  The gardens and the Church have a sense of peace and the spirit of the Mass was beautiful.

  • Just a note to say how impressed Jenny and I were last Sunday.  The Choir was inspiring and your sermon very pertinent to life.  Many thanks.

  • Last Sunday I attended St Mary’s by chance and I was impressed by the welcome I received by you before Mass and the way the parishioners related to one another.



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