Parish Groups:

St Mary Magdalen’s Finance Committee

In accordance with the provision of Canon 537 of the Code of Canon Law there is to be a Finance Committee in every parish of the Archdiocese of Melbourne to help the Parish Administrator in the administration of the temporal goods of the parish.

The Committee, chosen by the Parish Administrator is an advisory body and assists him in administering the Parish’s Finances, maintaining parish properties, planning for future capital works and raising the necessary funds.

The Parish Finance Committee is not directly involved in the day to day management of the Parish’s finances.

St Mary Magdalen’s Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee comprises parishioners who meet at regular intervals to evaluate and plan the celebration of the Eucharist for the Liturgical Seasons and other key note celebrations such as the Parish Feast Day.

The Liturgical Seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter are of major importance in the life of the parish.

Other devotions for instance: as the Stations of the Cross, Penitential Services or observances that occur on a Sunday, for example: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Sunday are highlighted in the Eucharist. 

Mt Waverley/Chadstone Inter-Church Council

The Mt Waverley and Chadstone Inter Church Council is a fellowship of sixteen (August 2014) churches seeing to fulfil the common call to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Council strives to make unity more apparent through engagement with the broader community on spiritual issues such as, Carols in the Mt Waverley Village and Stations of the Cross (Good Friday)

The Council initiates projects to benefit the local community, for instance, Food for Friends (November) Christmas food appeal and support for mission projects.  Also, the Council gives encouragement to its member Churches by supporting them by publishing and attending individual Church projects.

Website:  The Council is very welcoming and friendly.

The Legion of Mary

One of the special groups in our Parish is the Legion of Mary.  Our Legion is under the patronage of Our Lady Queen of Peace Presidium, Jordanville.

Our meetings are held in the Parish Meeting Room at 5.00pm every Thursday.

At present, we have three active members and two members who are not able to attend through illness.  We visit the sick and housebound if requested by our parishioners.

We pray the Rosary at each meeting for the deceased in our parish.

Our Presidium welcomes new members to join and carry on Our Lady’s and to pray the Rosary.

Stewardship Program

St Mary Magdalen’s Stewardship Program began in 2014 as a means of regular planned contributions of the parishioners for the maintenance of the parish buildings as well as the upkeep of the parish Priest.

The emphasis of the Program is “THIS IS OUR PARISH!”   and it follows that we are all responsible for its upkeep and care.  The outcome of the Program is that we can all feel that we are in a partnership with fellow parishioners as we are all making our individual efforts to sustain our beautiful Church and gardens and at the same time hand it on to future parishioners who will follow us in years to come.


Although St Mary Magdalen’s is a small parish we have a wonderful “legion” of 60 or so ministers who are the life blood of the community.  Our miniseries range from the spiritual (Minister of the Eucharist, Lector, Commentator, Choir member or Legion of Mary) to social (Social Committee) groups, to welfare (St Vincent de Paul).  The ‘Home Page’ lists them all.  We have a roster system for those involved in the Sunday Eucharist, cleaning and flower displaying.

Each of our parish ministers by their Christian dedication and caring disposition contributes some goodness to both our parish and the local community.  Our Ministries are about how everyone can change their parcel of the world by making each day a little more loving.

St Vincent De Paul

We are most fortunate to a St Vincent de Paul Conference in our parish.  Our St Vincent de Paul Conference puts into tangible and practical ways the command of Jesus to: “Love one another as I have loved you” and “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News.”

To many people the care and love they have received from the Conference has enhanced their lives albeit a food voucher or a fridge, people’s lives have been heartened in non-judgemental way. 

The St Vincent de Paul’s Conference is made up of ordinary parishioners, who with the help of God, do extra-ordinary work through compassion and respect for humankind.

St Mary Magdalen’s Altar Society

The Parish Altar Society plays an important role by raising funds for the purchase of requisites for the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical celebrations.

Membership is through an annual subscription.  Mass is celebrated on the first Tuesday of the month for the intentions of the members of the Society and on the third Thursday of November for the repose of the souls of former members.

Parish Advisory Board

We have many talented and gifted Parishioners at St Mary Magdalen’s.  Thus we are fortunate to have on our Parish Advisory Board a broad range of men and women who meet every two months to advise the parish Administrator in his role as both pastor of our community and manager of our buildings and surroundings. 

The meetings are an exercise of parishioners using their responsibilities for the welfare of our parish community.  Discussion can range from long-term planning, looking at local Council needs or topics of concern parishioners might have, to giving advice on specific parochial matters. 

The broad range of opinion, which is represented by the members, ensures each item on the agenda is thoughtfully reflected on with the best advice offered for the welfare of our community at St Mary Magdalen’s.

All parishioner is encouraged and welcomed to join and participate

Lenten Discussion 

Each year at Lent the Inter-Church Council coordinates through its member Churches discussion groups with the purpose of enabling members of different denominations to mix with one another.  The discussions follow the text that each individual Church community chooses for that year.

At St Mary Magdalen’s we normally follow the texts produced through the Brisbane Archdiocese.  Our group is normally eight to twelve members who meet on a Thursday afternoon from 2.00pm until 3.30pm. 

Apart from the actual text at hand a lot of good hearted conversation is exchanged and enjoyed.

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina was started in our Parish, with the Blessings of Fr. Chris, by two visiting Seminarians. It helps us elaborate on the Scripture Readings.

We gather every Wednesday, during the School Terms, between 7.00 – 7.30pm to share, discuss and improve on our Spiritual Knowledge. During the session, we reflect on the upcoming Gospel and what it meant at the time it happened, what it means to us today and how we could be good Disciples of God.

You are encouraged to join us and experience the reading of Scripture and conversing with God.

Parish Community Activities

This year the school and parish communities have joined forces to form the St Mary Magdalen’s Community Committee. For our inaugural year we have planned four events. These being, The Election Day BBQ, the celebration of St Mary Magdalen’s Feast Day, the Fete and Christmas Carols Evening.  The Election Day BBQ was a huge success and proof of what can be achieved when our two groups join forces. We look forward to future events, more success and most importantly the friendships that are being formed between parishioners and school parents. It truly is a wonderful mix of knowledge, wisdom, youth and energy.

Social Committee

We are a Committee of parishioners who organise social and fundraising activities.

Our mission is to bring the community together and celebrate our cultural and generation differences as one big family.

Events held throughout the year include the Autumn Social night, the Feast Day Lunch in July and the Christmas Carols & Barbecue Evening.

Ballroom dance classes for all ages, monthly pub lunches with the Friday Lunch Set and special morning teas following Sunday Mass are also held regularly.

You are welcome to join our multi-generational, multi-cultural parish family.


The Parish Choir comprises of male, female, child singers and musicians.

We participate every second Sunday of the month at the 9.30 am Mass and at most Church Celebrations. We practice on the Saturday prior to the event at 3.00pm

It’s about enhancing worship with the joy of singing to the Lord in solidarity with good friends, family and the parish community.  

No musical background? Yes, we all learn songs together, from scratch if we have to.  Beginner in music? Yes, nothing will inspire you more, and with such great company you never know how much more you can learn-for free!

Schedule too hectic? Everybody needs a break so come and unwind with us! “

Men’s Club

Our current Men’s Club was formed about four years ago meeting once a month  on a Friday Night in the Vin Creed Centre, commencing 6.30pm with a BBQ and BYO.

Some of the activities enjoyed by the Group include playing Quoits and Table Tennis or watching Friday Night Football on TV. We currently have about 15 regular attendees, but the Men’s Club is open to all.

Fathers of school children and male members of the parish are most welcome to attend.

St Mary Magdalen’s Parish/School Education Board

The Parish/School Education Board brings together the priest Administrator, the principal, staff member representative, and parents a spirit of collaboration to realise the school’s vision and achieve its educational aims.
The Board is advisory provides valuable advice to the priest Administrator and principal in areas such as school improvement and the development of policy. Information regarding parent representation on the parish education board or school board is available at the school’s Office.

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